History of Port Perry


                        Located in the Township of Scugog, the village of Port Perry is located about 65 km northeast of Toronto.  Originally named the village of Scugog, it was renamed Port Perry in 1851. The reason for the name change was to honor Peter Perry, who played an important role in the shaping of the town during the

first half of the 19th century. Population is Approx. 8,981


Bed & Breakfasts



Heath Haven B&B

Lakeshore Bed & Breakfast
88 Heath Crescent, Port Perry L9L 1K9 435 Lakeshore Drive, Port Perry L9L 1N7
Phone: 905-985-2837 Website: heath-haven.com

Phone: 905-985-7684


The Coach House Gallery

425 Lakeshore Drive, Port Perry L9L 1N7  
Phone: 905-985-8082




Antrim House Pub Captain George's Fish & Chips
136 Water Street, Port Perry 161 Queen Street, Port Perry
Phone: 905-985-8853 Phone: 905-985-1022


Harp & Wylie's Canadian Grill House Hank's Pastries
150 Water Street, Port Perry 204 Queen Street, Port Perry
Phone: 905-982-2103  WEBSITE: www.harpandwylies.com Phone: 905-985-2172


Jester's Court Pantry Shelf
279 Queen Street, Port Perry 172 Water Street, Port Perry
Phone: 905-985-2775 Phone: 905-985-1409


Piano Cafe & Catering Queen Bean's Coffee House
217 Queen Street, Port Perry 180 Queen Street, Port Perry
Phone: 905-982-0707 Phone:


The Front Porch The Nutty Chocolatier
189 Queen Street, Port Perry 182 Queen Street, Port Perry
Phone: 905-985-7224 Phone: 905-985-0761


The Waterfront Diner  
150 Water Street, Port Perry  
Phone: 905-985-1515  




Port Perry United Church Anglican Church of the Ascension
294 Queen Street, Port Perry L9L 1B9 266 North Street, Port Perry L9L 1B7
Website: www.portperryunited.com Website: www.ascensionportperry.com
Phone: 905-985-2801 Phone:905-985-7278


Port Perry Baptist Church Hope Christian Reformed Church
2210 Highway 7A, PO Box 25, Port Perry 14480 Old Simcoe Road, Port Perry
Website: www.portperrybaptist.ca Website: www.hopeforportperry.ca
Phone: 905-985-8681 Phone: 905-985-9307


Emmanuel Pentecostal Church Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church
1680 Reach Street, Port Perry L9L 1A6 1710 Scugog Street, Port Perry L9L 1E2
Website: www.churchintheport.org  
Phone: 905-985-4441 Phone: 905-985-7071


Scugog Island United Church St. John's Presbyterian Church
19100 Island Road, Port Perry 319 Queen Street, Port Perry L9L 1A9
Phone: 905-985-4094 Phone: 905-985-3881
  Website: www.stjohnsportperry.com


Victory Christian Centre
(http://vccpp.ca - dial-up) (http://victorychristiancentreonline.com - high-speed)
593 Alma Street, Port Perry  
Phone: 905-985-1346

Funeral Homes


Wagg Funeral Home Low & Low Funeral Home Ltd.
216 Queen Street, Port Perry 1763 Reach Road, Port Perry L9L 1P2
Website: www.waggfuneral.com Phone: 905-985-7331
Phone: 905-985-2171     Toll: 1-800-377-9139  




Scugog Island Cruises
16100 Old Simcoe Road, Port Perry L9L 1P3
Website: www.scugogcruises.com     Email: info@scugogcruises.com
Phone: 905-985-1106     Toll: 1-877-877-2091


Scugog Shores Historical Museam & Archives
16210 Island Road, Port Perry
Email: ssh-chin@durham.net
Phone: 905-985-3589


Great Blue Heron Casino
21777 Island Road, Port Perry L9L 1B6
Website: www.gbhcasino.com     Email: info@gbhcasino.com
Phone: 1-888-29 HERON