Esplanade Park


History Of Pickering


Pickering is relatively young, not actually becoming a town until 1974. Though for such a late start, in comparison to most of the Durham Region, it's population grew at a substantial rate and Pickering became a city by the year 2000. It is expected that the city will be the fast growing area, for population and business in Ontario over the next 10-20 years. Pickering is the Durham Regions gateway into Toronto and one of the most diverse areas in Ontario. Pickering's Population is approximately 88,721 & Growing.


Bed & Breakfast


Frenchman's Bay The Cordes Retreat
Phone: 905-937-5171
Call to make reservations & to get directions.
Phone: 905-831-4859
Call to make reservations & to get directions.


Comfort Inn Blairview Bed & Breakfast
Phone: 905-831-6200
533 Kingston Road, L1V 3N7
Phone: 905-621-9335
70 Btair Road, L1V 1A1




Herongate Barn Theatre Golden Griddle Family
2885 Altona Road 1815 Liverpool Road
Phone: 905-472-3085 Phone: 905-837-0023


Celebrity's The Waterfront Bistro
1527 Bayly Street 590 Liverpool Road
Phone: 905-420-0063 Phone: 905-420-2020


Grizzly's Bar & Grill Burb's Bistro & Bar
985 Brock Road 1900 Dixie Road
Phone: 905-420-4009 Phone: 905-839-2506




St. Martin's Anglican Church All Nations Full Gospel Church
1203 St. Martin's Drive, L1W 1M9 1735 Bayly Street, L1W 3G7
Phone: 905-839-4257 Phone: 905-420-0877


Revivaltime Tabernacle, Durham Amberlea Presbyterian Church
350 Kingston Road, L1V 1A6 1820 Whites Road, L1V 1R8
Phone: 905-837-7791 Phone: 905-839-1383


St. Paul's Anglican Church  
882 Kingston Road, L1V 1A8  
Phone: 905-839-7909  


Funeral Homes


The Simple Alternative Funeral Centre  
1057 Brock Road L1W 3J7
Phone: 905-686-5589     Fax: 905-686-3677




Pickering Museum Village Seaton Hiking Trails
1 Esplanade South Side of Highway 7 @ Green River
Phone: 905-683-8401 Approx 8 Km east of Markham


Pickering Waterfront Trail Concert's in the Esplanade Park
Along Lake Ontario Phone: 905-420-4620
  Concert's throughout the summer on Schedule days. A variety of groups & performers entertain crowds for Free.


Pickering Markets  
1899 Brock Road, L1V 4H7  
Over 600 vendors, including antique sellers, farmers market, & more, make their year-round home @ the Pickering Farmers Market. The market is open 9am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday.