History Of Newcastle

When the American Revolution began many British loyalists fled America and came to Canada.  With this boom in population it was decided that the British colony of Canada should be divided into two provinces, Upper and Lower Canada.  Upper Canada, now Ontario, was then divied up in to districts, and in 1802 the District of Newcastle was official formed when a court house and jail were built. Population is Approx. 10,000 +

(now part of clarington population approx 86000)




Docville Wild West Park


Bed & Breakfasts


Lilac Cottage Bed & Breakfast The Hampton's Of Newcastle
601 Mill Street S, Newcastle ON L1B 1C1 219 Edward Street W, Newcastle ON L1B 1E8
Phone: 905-987-1123 Phone: 905-987-1005


Allin's Bed & Breakfast Docville Wild West Park
3292 Concession 3 RR8, Newcastle ON L1b 1L0 816 North Street/Regional Rd 17 L1B 1L9
Phone: 905-987-4487 Phone: 905-987-1131     Fax: 905-987-6927






Wild Wing Newcastle Massey House Restaurant
361 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H4 27 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H3
Phone: 905-987-9464 Phone: 905-987-3747


Buster's Roadhouse & Tavern Steamer's Restaurant
45 King Ave W, Newcastle ON L1B 1L1 28 King Ave, Newcastle ON L1B 1H6
Phone: 905-987-4442 Phone: 905-987-1961     
Website: www.eatatsteamers.com


Roselina's Pizza Wie Geht's Amigo
4 King St Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H6 789 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1K8
Phone: 905-987-7777 Phone: 905-987-5658
Website: www.newcastleamigo.com



Lynne's Place Corner Cafe Black Knight Lounge
71 King Ave W, Newcastle ON L1B 1L2 119 King Ave W, Newcastle ON L1B 1H1
Phone: 905-987-1627 Phone: 905-987-1417


Roast Beef Plus Green Leaf Restaurant & Tavern
3341 Highway 115 L1B 1L9 28 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H6
Phone: 905-987-7250 Phone: 905-987-4363




St. George's Anglican Church Crossroads Christian Assembly
250 Mill Street S, Newcastle ON L1B 1C5 17 Bluffs Road, Newcastle ON L1B 1L9
Phone: 905-987-5044 Phone: 905-987-9955


St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church
214 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H5 386 Mill Street W, Newcastle ON L1B 1J3
Phone: 905-987-5446     Fax: 905-987-3447 Phone: 905-987-5549


Funeral Homes


Newcastle Funeral Home Ltd.
386 Mill Street S, Newcastle ON L1B 1C6
Phone: 905-987-3964    
 Website: www.newcastlefuneralhome.com    
 Toll: 1-877-987-3964




Docville Wild West Park
816 North Street/ Regional Rd 17 Newcastle, ON L1B 1L9
Phone: 905-987-1131     Fax: 905-987-6927
Website: www.wildwestpark.com
Wild West Park is an authentic old western town located in Newcastle. The town, a replica of old Dodge City,
is complete with Saloons, General Store, Trappers Cabin, OK Corral, Saw Mill, Livery Stable, The Docville Hotel and of course the Sheriff's Office....
That's where you'll usually run into Sheriff "Doc" Holiday an actual descendent of the Real "Doc" Holiday from Dodge City.


Jungle Cat World Zoo
3667 Concession Road 6, Orono, ON L0B 1M0
Website: www.junglecatworld.com
Email: info@junglecatworld.com
Phone: 905-983-5016     Fax: 905-983-8217


Fall Festival In October


Corn Festival In August


Newcastle's Historic Town Hall